All Visual LA

The ALL Visual Los Angeles slideshows are curated and hosted by Henry Diltz and Dola Baroni.

This past Thursday was the two year anniversary of the monthly slideshow and as always there was interesting work and a good crowd here at The Forge. As next month there will not be an AVLA event I thought this a good time to share a little bit about a couple of the artists. If you want to dig deeper and see more of the work from the past two years go to

Jake Troth:

Usually the slideshows consist of mostly photography (though anything visual is allowed), but last week musician Jake Troth shared a 14 minute music video/short film charting his upcoming album “Double Black Diamond”. In the short Troth is beset in a forbidden love scenario with a girl from North Korea. The full video was really awesome and so I can’t wait until its online somewhere so we can share it. Until then, check out one of his music videos below to wet your appetite (and you can stream the album on his site here).

jake troth double black diamond

Jimmy Marble:

A super dude, Jimmy was coincidentally also celebrating his birthday the night of the slideshow. He shared a few of the below photos from LAtopia, but I also wanted to share this uplifting grandma video he made for Oreos a while back.

Grandmas from jimmy marble on Vimeo.

jimmy marble latopia

jimmy marble latopia