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"My particular peeve is pre-roll. I hate it. What is even worse is that I know the people who are making it know that I'm going to hate it. Why do I know that? Because they tell me how long I am going to have to endure it -- 30 seconds, 20 seconds, 15 seconds. You only have to watch this crap for another 10 seconds and then you are going to get to the content that you really wanted to see. That is a model of polluting content that is not sustainable.”

Bradley Jakeman
President, Pepsico

talent management, digital media and strategy

verb \ cor·du·roy \ˈkȯr-də-ˌrȯi \
Make (a road) out of tree trunks.
‘where routes crossed or followed a creek, men would corduroy the road’1


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We use proprietary big data tools to predictively ascertain what your target audience will engage with prior to creation of content. We use these insights and our access to premium IP to build actionable strategies, create premium original programming and provide a digital ecosystem to grow and build audiences.

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