Creative Inspiration as a Public Service


“Be Cool” is the latest in an ongoing series of public service announcements of creative inspiration by local LA artists and friends of Corduroy: Jimmy Marble and Adi Goodrich, now dubbed as creative duo “JIMMYnADI”. So far, the PSA’s have been well received, having premiered them each at the All Visual LA Slideshow (event hosted and curated each month by Henry Diltz and A. Dola Baroni at the Forge), the short PSA’s are little doses of motivation and positivity meant to wake everyone from the gloominess of a creative funk that we seemed to all be in this past summer.

Knowing that’s its all too easy to get and stay in a slump for any number of reasons or excuses, their new series is meant to help inspire positivity and overall optimism to artists of all breeds. Each one focuses on a different topic: “Be Cool” is about overcoming obstacles and dealing with stressful situations, while “Darkness” is about overcoming the slump of routine. Anyone who’s experienced writer’s block or a lack of inspiration at some point in their life should appreciate the bottom line of Jimmy & Adi’s work: that the idea is to spur an idea. And they do it well, I think.

Artists are sometimes unable to relax or feel inspired between projects or gigs, but sometimes creative inspiration can be like a chain reaction; in any case, according to Jimmy, “I mostly just want to make things that will inspire my friends to keep going, keep working hard, and keep making things that inspire me.” Below is “Be Cool” starring Alina Cutrono and “Darkness” starring A. Dola Baroni, but to find more of their work check out their sites at Jimmy Marble and Adi Goodrich.