Free The Nipple – Teaser

A new independent film on #freethenipple movement is coming soon by a friend of ours – writer, director and actress Lina Esco – about something I think we should all be able to rally behind. The cause is near and dear to her heart, and is a basic question she poses about the social norms that govern our repressive society (as opposed to other repressive societies). In the vein of documentaries such as “This Film is Not Yet Rated” that have illuminated the fact that violence and language have much more acceptance in this country’s film and television industry (and therefor it’s culture) than sexuality and nudity. This film is meant to shine light on the simple observation that showing a nipple doesn’t really hurt anybody.

It is strange that movies can remain PG-13 even with glorious shoot-outs as long as they don’t show the consequences of those actions (blood/death), and yet the MPAA and FCC have very stringent and puritanical guidelines that can even require edits be made before a film is widely released. The argument for allowing art and entertainment to include sexuality seems obvious, and yet our obsession with violent films doesn’t seem to help make the case that sexuality is at least as much of a fundamentally human a trait as war. However, the basic argument made by “Free the Nipple” is that women should be able to take off their shirts in public without facing arrest just as men are currently allowed to. Taking the subject beyond the world of art and into our everyday society. There is indeed an odd view of modesty stemming in Christianity from the story of Adam and Eve clothing themselves out of shame that seems to have helped explain our current notions.

The fight over modesty and repression has been waging in art, religion and society for ages, and I think its a conversation worth having. Even Pope Clement XIII, who was responsible for adding fig leaves to classical sculptures in order to hide their privates, is responsible for some of how our modern society views nudity, art and sexuality. You can see the teaser trailer for the film on their website here and follow the film on Facebook here.

Free The Nipple Lina Esco