Instagram Contest Serves Hungry Travelers

This fall, Corduroy set out to build a presence on Instagram for OTG Management, an award-winning airport food & beverage operator with more than 150 restaurants and eateries in ten airports. OTG Management is responsible for the largest iPad deployment in a public space, providing free access to iPads for travelers in airports and the ability to order food directly from it to their spot. We wanted to reach out to those who see the travel experience and food in the same perspective OTG does — constantly connected and always moving. For these hungry travelers, experiencing the food of the world around is one of the simplest and tastiest ways to dive into a culture and new location.
So, we started a contest with food photos to see what hungry traveler moments we could collect, and provide travelers with a chance to win a new iPad or a $700 gift card as the prizes.  No catch, no need to send us your email address or zip code, simply free stuff for being a hungry traveler and sharing those moments. Instagram users used the hashtag #hungrytraveler on photos from their travels to enter and win the contest. We rounded up 3 judges: OTG Head Chef Michael Coury and Instagram aficionados/photographers Lauren Randolph and Ryan Schude. Together, these judges understood food and photos and the artistic place in which they meet.

People are always snapping a photo of their meal before diving in, perhaps in an attempt to make the meal last, or perhaps because we have begun to appreciate and remember the experience of the meal just as much as the food itself. It seemed suitable to reward those hungry travelers for doing what OTG does – capturing the art and the experience of the meal. As over 300 submissions came in, OTG’s Instagram network began: an authentic network of travelers and foodies both artists and adventurers. The hungry travelers submitted from small towns, big cities, and even mid-flight. Food is always part of the experience for a hungry traveler.

Instagram Contest Winner First Prize

@aterr first place winner

Disney Hungry Traveler

@laurenlemon at Disney