Kurt Braunohler’s Cloud Project

Crowdfunding has really become a major point of origin for creative projects over the past few years (see more of our thoughts on crowdfunding here). We’ve seen the public fund good causes, creative ideas, and support their friends. Comedian Kurt Braunohler set out on a Kickstarter endeavor of his own, to make the world a little bit better, and a little more random with some clouds. Check out his video below:

Kurt Braunohler is one of the hosts of the LA branch of a weekly comedy show called Hot Tub. His comedy is light, random, and relatively pointless though utterly hilarious. He spends his days writing humorous messages in greeting cards to create a little joyful randomness for the next person shopping for cards. This extended in a big way as he proposed to the public to spend their hard earned money in creating a random message made of clouds.

He was looking to raise either 4,000 or 10,000 and the funding earned would decide how long of a cloud message that could be written. In the Kickstarter he provides options of what jokes or messages would be seen. The project raised $6,820 and they decided to write “How do I land?” in the clouds.

On March 23rd at 3:33pm the public gathered on the rooftops of Downtown Los Angeles to see “How do I land?” written in clouds. The official statement made by Braunohler at the following Hot Tub comedy show was “It happened”. The actual wording never appeared all at once as it was a windy day, it nearly blew away as one letter was finished. However the jokes about bad hand writing, skywriting, and clouds were in plenty. I think Braunohler’s goal of making the world a little more random was certainly achieved.