Nathan Pettijohn is an author, talent manager, and entrepreneur. Nathan is a contributing writer for Forbes on topics relating to what business leaders need to know about innovations in media and technology. Nathan is also the co-author of a short tactical guide Zen and the Art of Admin Tasks, about outsourcing administrative work. His newest book is a travelogue called Travels With Hafa.

In 2011, Nathan found Cordurouy, a digital strategy agency gased in Los Angeles where he serves as CEO.


Travels With Hafa

Nathan Pettijohn (Author)

Zen and the Art of Admin Tasks

Nic De Castro (Author), Nathan Pettijohn (Author)


  • The Event Horizon Of Truth

    Whatever happens beyond an event horizon cannot be seen, and in many ways this can serve as an apt metaphor for how our seemingly infinite access to information is actually drowning us in a sea of misinformation right now, along with facts, breaking news, conspiracy theories and the like.

  • Why Every Company Is A Media Company

    Companies are increasingly partnering with media outlets to produce branded video series, editorially rigorous magazines, and ambitious audio shows. These partnerships yield content that’s subtly branded and highly creative, achieving the same level of quality audiences expect from non-branded content