This May Be The Last Time

The below trailer for “This May Be The Last Time” was just released in advance of next week’s premier at the Sundance film festival. The film is a documentary about America’s first music, focused on the ethnomusicology of Native American hymns once sung during the trail of tears, and sung again when Director Sterlin Harjo’s grandfather disappeared in Sasaka, Oklahoma in 1962.

There is a noticeable lack of quality films portraying Native American history and Oklahoma’s history in particular, which is why it’s exciting to see This Land Press is producing this type of informative docu-style history of the state. This Land TV is also available here on Vimeo and has profiles of Woody Guthrie and guests like Wayne Coyne. This Land Press also has a wealth of cool articles, such as this one about the real Lone Ranger, or this one about Harold Stevenson.

Sterlin Harjo is an Oklahoma-based film-maker whose previous films include “Four Sheets to the Wind” and “Barking Water”. “This May Be The Last Time” is also on Facebook and the interwebs.

This May Be The Last Time – Official Trailer from THIS LAND PRESS on Vimeo.