OTG Wins Award For iPad Deployment

Corduroy client OTG Management has had a terrific year in 2012, capping it all off with a slew of more positive press about the company this month. According to the first ever Moodies Awards, OTG has definitively employed the best use of digital media in an airport concourse overall. The OTG Facebook page also received an honorable mention, and the Hungry Traveler Instagram Contest was nominated one of the best marketing campaigns of the year by a food and beverage operator.

Earlier this year it was announced that OTG was rolling out over 7,000 new iPads to terminals at LaGuardia Airport, Minneapolis St Paul Airport, and Toronto Pearson Airport, purportedly as the largest consumer deployment of iPads for free use in a public space to date. OTG has since been transforming the process of waiting for a flight. Their custom-built software allows you to be reminded when your plane is about to board and automatically erases your info when you leave; it also offers you a comfortable alternative to charging your phone at an airport, which in the past has been anything but convenient for most travelers.

The reactions to the iPad deployments so far in real life and on social media have overwhelmingly been of resounding delight, though there are the occasional few who would still rather order from a waiter than a machine. Though, after trying it out most people come around to new tech trends if the technology is being utilized to make our lives easier (rather than fitting our lives within and overcomplicating the current limitations of technology as so many companies do, as illustrated in this SNL skit). OTG seems to have correctly blended convenience with technology, and the rollout is also an opportunity for app and software developers to have even more opportunities of custom apps they can build to improve the concourse and traveling experience even more.